GE Fanuc IC694MDL754 DC

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Product Manual Excerpt

The 12/24 volt DC, ESCP 0.75A Positive Logic Output module, IC694MDL754, provides 32 discrete outputs in two isolated groups of 16. Each group has its own common. The outputs are positive logic or sourcing type outputs; they switch the loads on the positive side of the power supply, and supply current to the load. The outputs can switch user loads over the range of +12 to +24 VDC (+20%, -15%) and can source a maximum current of 0.75 Amps per point. Each point has electronic overcurrent/short circuit protection and generates an individual fault if either condition exists. In addition to output driver faults being sent back to the RX3i controller, the module provides a loss of field side power fault, ESCP point failure within a group, field terminal block ON/OFF status and a DIP switch configuration mismatch fault. Each group can be used to drive different loads. For example, one group might drive 24 VDC loads, and the other could drive 12 VDC loads. Power for the loads must be provided by the user. A DIP switch on back of the module is used to select the outputs default mode: Force Off or Hold Last State. The module must be removed from the backplane to set this switch. This module can be used with either a Box-style (IC694TBB032) or Spring-style (IC694TBS032) front Terminal Block. The Terminal Block is ordered separately. The blue bands on the label show that MDL754 is a low-voltage module. This module can be installed in any I/O slot in an RX3i system. It must be used with an RX3i CPU (release 2.90 or greater). It cannot be used with a Series 90-30 PLC CPU.