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Pressure transducer A-10

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Wika Bourdon tube pressure gauges, model 111



Model: 111.10


Model: 111.10 standard bottom


Nominal size: 100 mm


Unit of outer Scale: kg/cm2


Measuring range: gauge pressure range


Scale range: 0...10 kg/cm2


Process connection: M20 x 1.5


Connector location: lower mount


Case: black steel


Window: plastic, clear


Accuracy class: class 2.5


Additional approvals: with


Pointer: plastic, black


Packaging: single packing


Dial: Aluminum, white, with stop-pin


serial number on dial: Serial number *...*


Specifications according to data sheet: PM 01.01



Dial description 

Pressure Gauge Standard: International (standard Europe)


color for 1.scale (outside): black


dial background: White


customer logo beginning with: WI


LOGO: WIKA UZB; *Uzstandard-Logo* + *Type*


Manufacturer logo: *WIKA*


serialnumber on dial: Serial number *...*


stop pin on dial: at zero


norm-mark on dial: *EN 837-1*


accuracy class on dial: *Cl.2.5*





Country: Uzbekistan

Approval: Uzstandard (Metrology) + Technical Passport

Country of orign :
Minimum order :
1 pieces
Supply ability :
10 000 pieces / month